Rock Paper Scissors

“Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock

Two computers playing rock-paper-scissors. Each has its own random algorithm running, choosing one of the three possible items. Connected by an ethernet cable, each computer plays its hand — the winning pc gets a point.” 

digital art meets dance: Kagemu, Paris 2011

Just found this artistic duo: artist Nobuyuki Hanabusa and dancer Katsumi Sakakura, or Kagemu. This video shows (a part of, I guess) their show Black Sun, where they combine motion graphics and modern dance, inspired by Japanese martial arts. The video begins with Sakakura interacting with abstract digital figures, breaking digitally the wall / screen behind him and fighting with his own shadow, all with energetic and strong music. Enjoy (or for more videos, check on YouTube).

For more works by Hanabusa (and Kagemu) you can visit Hanabusa’s website (mainly in Japanese).

Apotek: Creative outdoor ad interacts with arriving subway

Commuters in the Stockholm subway were surprised by a poster in which the model’s hair appeared to react to incoming trains, in this clever piece of outdoor marketing by haircare company Apotek Hjartat.

Production company Stopp modified one of Clear Channel’s Play screens on Odenplans subway platform with ultra sonic sensors which monitored the train’s arrival on the platform (but was designed not to react to passing passengers). When the train came in, it sent the model’s hair flying, as if in the wind. The stunt was only slated to run for one day, but was so successful that Clear Channel extended it to five. Akestam Holst was the creative agency.


In Sweden, as in many other countries in the world, women get less paid than men for the same job. The easiest way to get a raise: become a man. This video is from one of Sweden’s Unions campaign (Kommunal) for equal salaries. Women can upload photos of themselves digitally becoming a “man”. You can visit the campaign website at



Sheila Pree Bright. Plastic Bodies















Despite Barbie’s persistent presence in American culture, the shapely doll isn’t exactly known for her realistic representation of a woman’s body. Atlanta-based photographer Sheila Pree Bright used the classic toy to emphasize the disconnect between commercialized beauty ideals and real women for her series, “Plastic Bodies.”

Laura Vitto, Mashable


barbie doll vs realistically looking doll lammily











Finally! Lammily is a humanly looking “Barbie” Doll, made according to the measurements of an average American girl, and not some unrealistically elongated big-eyed fantasy. It is also a really successful crowd funding campaign, that got 169% funding for just 2 days :)  You can visit the official website at and the website of the creator of Lammily, Nickolay Lamm.

(All photos are from the Lammily-Website)

What Women Look Like Naked. Really


A great drawing.

Originally posted on The Daily Think:

I normally see semi clad women on a fashion shoot, so my perspective has been somewhat distorted. That and all the magazines. Well might I suggest a trip to your local swimming pool. Gentlemen (and I think you already know this) This is what the majority of women look like really. You naughty lying magazines, you.


swimming ool changing roomssml

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