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Alberto Polo Iañez

Ich finde, dass jedes Bild, ob Akt oder nicht, Kunst sein kann. “Es gibt darüber schon so viele Gedanken, dass es fast unmöglich ist, sich auf das Konzept von Kunst zu fokussieren. Aber diese Diskussion ist mir gar nicht wichtig. Warum nicht einfach das genießen, was wir tun und nicht das beklagen, was andere Leute denken?” Alberto Polo Iañez: aus der Serie “Mutants”, 2012 (© Alberto Polo Iañez)

what color is emptiness?

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is it white and foggy?
or black and slightly green?

or is it gray with orange edges?

is it glass of milk on paper scissors?

i see it white.

a white circle glowing
in a slightly orange field.
like watercolor on transparent paper
and white light melting from behind

dive in milk and wax and candle

is this emptiness?
or maybe blindness?

or is it.. home?

i am gray. and sometimes other colors

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Grey is warm and sort of white
it is silent and soft

some say it has no, you know,


but it doesn’t bother
gray is silent

you can dive in it and it wouldn’t mind
it listens – instead of talking
it doesn’t catch your eye, unless you want to see it

it is like the rain of a lazy autumn
it will rain away your sorrow and serve you coffee in a small café

Zoe Pawlak

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Three Figures in a Moving Landscape by Zoe Pawlak

Three Figures in a Moving Landscape, Oil on Board, 11 x 14, by Zoe Pawlak

If paintings could text

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Salvador Dali | Persistence of Memory | 1931

Salvador Dali | Persistence of Memory | 1931

Rene Magritte | The Lovers | 1928

Rene Magritte | The Lovers | 1928

Andrew Wyeth | Christina’s World | 1948

Andrew Wyeth | Christina’s World | 1948

Just found an awesome blog! If paintings could text

Ami Warning

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“Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. Really?

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BIMB_SHIRT_B1This is not a pipe” wrote the artist-philosopher Rene Magritte some 90 years ago. This Sterling Bartlett T-shirt has another opinion. Just found it on Hyperallergic or buy.

A musical documentary I can’t wait to see!

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Director Stefan Schwietert talks about his new film “Balkan Melodie” (Interview in German). “Balkan melodie” tells the story of the Swiss folk-music collector Marcel Celliers who traveled in Bulgaria and Romania during the communism and made the folk music of these countries popular in the West. What the people in the West (and nowadays also on the Balkans) didn’t now is the role that the communist state played in creating a legend around the folk-songs and used them as a tool for its purposes.

A musical documentary I definitely can’t wait to see!


Happy Easter!

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new uploads for project street art: Munich

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Munich, Schwabing

street art_munich_giselastr

Munich, Schweinchenbau


Munich, Schwabing

Munich, Schwabing

Munich, Schwabing


Munich, University


Munich, University


Munich, Schwabing


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