It would be nice to be in Tokyo right now. The Yukari Art Gallery exhibits works of Shintaro Ohata – a contemporary painter and sculptor with a great sence for light. Ohata wanted to give his paintings more dynamics and decided to put sculptures in front of them. The effect is a manga-like realism in front of your eyes.



Found thank’s to clmt. See also Colossal.

Shintaro Ohata was born 1975 in Hiroshima. He is one of the most popular artist exhibited by the Yukari Art Gallery. Works by him have been shown since around 2004, he has also won different awards, mostly in Japan, and enjoys big media interest.


The Yukari Art Gallery opened 2007 in Tokyo, originally as “Yukari Art Contemporary”. An interesting fact ist, that the director Yukari Mitsuma introduces contemporary artists from her own generation (born 1972 -1984). She believes “she herself can more deeply understand and introduce artists convincingly if they have seen the same period”.





Author: meine kleine kunstgeschichte

I study Art History at the LMU Munich. I am interested in early Christian and Byzantine art and also in Islamic and Medieval art and architecture.

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