Concepts of time

Maybe time is an illusion. Created by the concept of space and change.

Or is it cyclical. Like cells. They change. They get born, grow, function, and die. And then the whole system – it starts, functions, and disappears. Like a moon orbiting a planet, the planet orbiting a sun, the sun orbiting the galaxy.

Maybe time is dead. Maybe it was a creature that lived long before, died, and we still follow its tail. Like Chronos, the titan, father of Zeus, defeated by his son.

What if time is a perpetual motion. A perpetual motor, running not on gas, but on information. An internal combustion engine on ones and zeroes. Or on nano meters of DNA.

Like a rabbit. It runs, and runs, and runs but where does does it go?


Author: meine kleine kunstgeschichte

I study Art History at the LMU Munich. I am interested in early Christian and Byzantine art and also in Islamic and Medieval art and architecture.

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