Pac Man at MoMA: Thank GOD!

I’ve just watched a TED Talk with Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA, about why video games belong to the design collection of MoMA (10x to ARCADINATOR for the tip). It is a great talk, and, although criticized by some, a great idea! Because video games are an important part of modern culture that has an impact of the way we see the world. Yes,  most of today’s mainstream video games are more a consumer product like, say, cheese (ok, ok, let’s say a Hollywood movie). But there are some games that are breaking the boundaries with a specific game design, aesthetic or gameplay that they deserve to be seen as something much more. And design (graphic design, level design, sound etc.) is a basic feature of every (mainstream and non-mainstream) video game. This is why I am really happy that MoMA is exhibiting video games. (Oh, New York, why are you so far away?…)

P.S.: For the record, I don’t know if design is art, but to me video games can be art.


Author: summer

I study Art History at the LMU Munich. I am interested in early Christian and Byzantine art and also in Islamic and Medieval art and architecture.

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