“Ceci n’est pas une pipe”. Really?

BIMB_SHIRT_B1This is not a pipe” wrote the artist-philosopher Rene Magritte some 90 years ago. This Sterling Bartlett T-shirt has another opinion. Just found it on Hyperallergic or buy.


Apotek: Creative outdoor ad interacts with arriving subway

Commuters in the Stockholm subway were surprised by a poster in which the model’s hair appeared to react to incoming trains, in this clever piece of outdoor marketing by haircare company Apotek Hjartat.

Production company Stopp modified one of Clear Channel’s Play screens on Odenplans subway platform with ultra sonic sensors which monitored the train’s arrival on the platform (but was designed not to react to passing passengers). When the train came in, it sent the model’s hair flying, as if in the wind. The stunt was only slated to run for one day, but was so successful that Clear Channel extended it to five. Akestam Holst was the creative agency.


Pisces by Jenny Liz Rome

Pisces by Jenny Liz Rome
Pisces by Jenny Liz Rome. Found on Society 6

I am so happy, that I finally have time to.. just surf the net for things like Society 6 again! I’m free to have free time! Sometimes. Having time can be very inspiring.

I was looking for a cool artistic tote bag and popped into these “Pisces” by canadian illustrator Jenny Liz Rome on Society 6, they’re pretty stylish. Sadly, you can’t buy them as a what I’m looking for. Is it against the copy rights to print them on a tote bag?

Pac Man at MoMA: Thank GOD!

I’ve just watched a TED Talk with Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator at the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA, about why video games belong to the design collection of MoMA (10x to ARCADINATOR for the tip). It is a great talk, and, although criticized by some, a great idea! Because video games are an important part of modern culture that has an impact of the way we see the world. Yes,  most of today’s mainstream video games are more a consumer product like, say, cheese (ok, ok, let’s say a Hollywood movie). But there are some games that are breaking the boundaries with a specific game design, aesthetic or gameplay that they deserve to be seen as something much more. And design (graphic design, level design, sound etc.) is a basic feature of every (mainstream and non-mainstream) video game. This is why I am really happy that MoMA is exhibiting video games. (Oh, New York, why are you so far away?…)

P.S.: For the record, I don’t know if design is art, but to me video games can be art.