A musical documentary I can’t wait to see!

Director Stefan Schwietert talks about his new film “Balkan Melodie” (Interview in German). “Balkan melodie” tells the story of the Swiss folk-music collector Marcel Celliers who traveled in Bulgaria and Romania during the communism and made the folk music of these countries popular in the West. What the people in the West (and nowadays also on the Balkans) didn’t now is the role that the communist state played in creating a legend around the folk-songs and used them as a tool for its purposes.

A musical documentary I definitely can’t wait to see!



In Sweden, as in many other countries in the world, women get less paid than men for the same job. The easiest way to get a raise: become a man. This video is from one of Sweden’s Unions campaign (Kommunal) for equal salaries. Women can upload photos of themselves digitally becoming a “man”. You can visit the campaign website at beaman.se



barbie doll vs realistically looking doll lammily











Finally! Lammily is a humanly looking “Barbie” Doll, made according to the measurements of an average American girl, and not some unrealistically elongated big-eyed fantasy. It is also a really successful crowd funding campaign, that got 169% funding for just 2 days :)  You can visit the official website at lammily.com and the website of the creator of Lammily, Nickolay Lamm.

(All photos are from the Lammily-Website)

Don’t we all…

Gaza, 15. Nov. 2012. Foto: AP/Spiegel online

…And Gaza is not the most polished of cities, or the largest. But she is equivalent to the history of a nation, because she is the most repulsive among us in the eyes of the enemy – the poorest, the most desperate, and the most ferocious. Because she is a nightmare. Because she is oranges that explode, children without a childhood, aged men without an old age, and women without desire. Because she is all that, she is the most beautiful among us, the purest, the richest, and most worthy of love…

Mahmoud Darwish, Silence for the Sake of Gaza

What does it matter who is right und who is wrong, who will win and who will lose? Don’t we all…

Electric is sexy, I’m flying to Oslo

Electric cars, St. Hanshaugen, Oslo by Mikael Floysand.

Norway has the largest share of electric cars per capita driven in Europe. The Parliament of Norway set the goal to reach 50,000 zero emission vehicles by 2018. Read more…

“Putins personal revenge”

Today Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina Samutsevich and Maria Alyokhina were sentenced to two years in jail.

These are some photos from the worldwide protests for their release.

London, Photo: DPA/SZ

The majority of the Russians believes that the process was fair and independent ( according to a survey) (Comment in SZ).

Sao Paolo, Brazil, Photo: AP/SZ

Moscow, Photo: AFP/SZ

London, Photo: Getty Images/Spiegel Online

Moscow, Photo: REUTERS/Spiegel Online

FEMEN, Kiev, Photo: DPA/Spiegel Online

“We all are Pussy Riot”, Sofia, Bulgaria, the old monument of the soviet army with the masks of Pussy Riot, Photo: БГНЕС /DarikNews

The police arrested the world chess champion Gary Kasparov during the protests in Moscow. Photo: REUTERS/SZ

“We are freer than the people sitting opposite us for the prosecution because we can say everything we like, and we do, but those people sitting there say only what political censorship allows them to say.

Their mouths are sewn shut.”

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova in her closing statement.

“They are your children, Russia”, Moscow, Photo: DAPD/FAZ