The very last painting of Francis Bacon

bacon last painting
Francis Bacon, Study of a Bull, 1991

Rock Paper Scissors

“Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock

Two computers playing rock-paper-scissors. Each has its own random algorithm running, choosing one of the three possible items. Connected by an ethernet cable, each computer plays its hand — the winning pc gets a point.” 

Plastic Bodies by Sheila Pree Bright

Sheila Pree Bright. Plastic Bodies















Despite Barbie’s persistent presence in American culture, the shapely doll isn’t exactly known for her realistic representation of a woman’s body. Atlanta-based photographer Sheila Pree Bright used the classic toy to emphasize the disconnect between commercialized beauty ideals and real women for her series, “Plastic Bodies.”

Laura Vitto, Mashable

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Street Art in Munich. pr0jeCt str3et @Rt

Because I love the “invisible” street art and also love monochrome and high-contrast photography, I started my own project: pr0j3Ct str3et @Rt.