Pearl Earrings

“Dienstmagd mit Perlenohrringen” by Guido Zimmermann at the Stroke Art Fair in Berlin. Found on

Lev Khesin – “Poetry on canvas”

I do not plan the execution of my work further than one step ahead. The artwork emerges gradually in an interactive process.

Lev Khesin

Macromant 46×38,5cm; Silicone, Pigments, Wood. Lev Khesin 2012

Lev Khesin is a modern Russian born (1981) artist, living in Germany. He studied Fine Arts at the Universität der Künste Berlin and one year in at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. He works mostly with silicone, which gives his work a specific depth and the colours change according to the light. Hes art can be seen at the LÄKEMÄKER Gallery in Berlin.
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