animalarium. visual blog. so cool

I’ve just found a very beautiful visual blog: It’s idea is pretty simple: posting artistic images that include all kind of animals :)


Historically “ugly”

I just found a very funny blog about renaissance paintings: Ugly Renaissance Babies. It definitely shows a different perspective on renaissance art. It’s not only interesting for art historians but it’s also real fun for people who are not interested in art at all:) Enjoy!

P.S.: and the comments are really cool ;)

Rabbit update

I am very proud to announce that today, the 17.04.2013, I have updated my two blogs: perferktnaparabola and fragmented time. Now they have rabbits :)

Note: fragmented time is my other, chronically older blog, which I still use. But don’t worry, the content on the two blogs is (almost) identical ^_^. However, if you are more a tumblr than a wordpress user, then better follow fragmented time :)