My new blog: Don’t Like Popcorn

I’ve decided to move the stuff that have nothing to do with art, photography etc. on a new blog and so this evening after Luhrmann’s Gatsby Don’t Like Popcorn was born. If you’re interested in movies, video games, anime and other pop culture things, feel welcome to drop by ^-^

dont like popcorn

Historically “ugly”

I just found a very funny blog about renaissance paintings: Ugly Renaissance Babies. It definitely shows a different perspective on renaissance art. It’s not only interesting for art historians but it’s also real fun for people who are not interested in art at all:) Enjoy!

P.S.: and the comments are really cool ;)

Rabbit update

I am very proud to announce that today, the 17.04.2013, I have updated my two blogs: perferktnaparabola and fragmented time. Now they have rabbits :)

Note: fragmented time is my other, chronically older blog, which I still use. But don’t worry, the content on the two blogs is (almost) identical ^_^. However, if you are more a tumblr than a wordpress user, then better follow fragmented time :)