Mad about… Tron: Uprising

I’ve been watching Tron: Uprising lately.  Although it’s part of the Disney-Empire, this cartoon is very well made. The story is nice: The main character, the program Beck (voiced by Elijah Wood), decides to fight back after Clu’s army under the command of the cruel General Tesler (voiced by Lance Henriksen) conquers his city and kills one of his best friends. Part of the story is also the old Tron (brilliantly voiced by Bruce Boxleitner). The other new characters are very credible and some of them have a deep personal back story. The gags sometimes get a little bit repetitive but after all this is a cartoon-series.

The stylized 2D + CGI graphics somehow reminds me of (my personal favorite) BioWare‘s MDK2 and creates a genuine Tron atmosphere (for the non-believers  – there is a God: Disney didn’t make it the way their Princess-Movies looks like!!!). I believe the music is from the original movie score (or at least sounds like it) and if it wasn’t for Beck’s sometimes stupidly depressed and self-doubting character (and the Hobbit-like voice of Elijah Wood), it would be almost “the perfect system”.

Unfortunately there won’t be a second season. (Or it’s may be for good, who knows – at least it won’t suffer from the I-was-a-good-movie-but-I-became-a-soap-opera-due-to-greedy-producers – Syndrome (e.g. Shrek 1+2+75(x+20)³).

Just discovered: There’s a petition for not stopping the Tron: Uprising series. You can sign here: