Hans Richter: Vormittagsspuck

I saw this beautiful peace of art yesterday evening in Filmmuseum in Munich. They have now these series of artistic films, which are totally non-mainstream even for the time, when they were created, and experiment with the possibilities of analog film in any thinkable ways. This short film was made by Hans Richter, an avant-garde artist who also was part of the DADA-movement in Zurich for some time. Inspired by the dada-artists he created his first abstract film, Rhythmus 21, a film with no story, no actors, just rectangles that move in an undefined space.

Vormittagsspuck (Ghosts Before Breakfast) deals with much more concrete themes and has an actual setting but it still has no narrative. This also makes it so interesting. The unexpected and surreal things that take place in Vormittagsspuck are extremely enjoyable, ironic and really funny to watch. From the technical perspective Hans Richter uses stop motion, slow motion, time flowing backwards or film negative (I don’t know the exact cinematography terms) and the film looks more like a collage of possible and impossible actions than something we are used to see on screen.

This is why I enjoy watching non-mainstream films no matter of the year of their “birth”: Independent and experimental cinema are in many ways much more creative, unexpected and imaginative than the most super cool, 3D, HD, etc, visual effects we see in modern block-busters.

PS: The film is available for download on archive.org ^_^. The film rates as the “Manifesto of Dada film”.