A musical documentary I can’t wait to see!

Director Stefan Schwietert talks about his new film “Balkan Melodie” (Interview in German). “Balkan melodie” tells the story of the Swiss folk-music collector Marcel Celliers who traveled in Bulgaria and Romania during the communism and made the folk music of these countries popular in the West. What the people in the West (and nowadays also on the Balkans) didn’t now is the role that the communist state played in creating a legend around the folk-songs and used them as a tool for its purposes.

A musical documentary I definitely can’t wait to see!



Want to be in… Sarajevo

I’ve just read a post on Cineuropa, that the Sarajevo Film Festival will have a tribute to Cristi Puiu. Some of his films will be shown in Sarajevo between 16th and 24th August. I particularly insist to see one of them, The Death of Mr Lazarescu (Moartea Domnului Lazarescu). It’s a comedy with a Balkan taste and fascinating, adorable humour (at least that’s what you get from the trailer. I really have the feeling that at the end is going to be much more..).

So if you’re in Sarajevo at that time, please, please, please, tell me how it was because I don’t know if and how I’m gonna make it there…

P.S.: If you have been in Bucharest, you will know what the Parliament joke actually means. (Or just check the Romanian Parliament on wikipedia).


want to see this movie

It’s like British, like Teenage (but British. And that reminds me of Never miss a beat and Kubrick (although he’s American), and Blow Up, and a nice breakfast once…). But not quite. When do we actually grow up? Or do we? Or is growing up forgetting your dreams? Putting them somewhere in a dusty closet under a pile of worn out dirty clothes…

Or may be this movie has nothing to do with that.

I’d like to see it anyway. It’s like.. British.

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