Alberto Polo Iañez
Ich finde, dass jedes Bild, ob Akt oder nicht, Kunst sein kann. “Es gibt darüber schon so viele Gedanken, dass es fast unmöglich ist, sich auf das Konzept von Kunst zu fokussieren. Aber diese Diskussion ist mir gar nicht wichtig. Warum nicht einfach das genießen, was wir tun und nicht das beklagen, was andere Leute denken?” Alberto Polo Iañez: aus der Serie “Mutants”, 2012 (© Alberto Polo Iañez)

Helmut Newton in Koblenz, Germany

“About the feminists, I’ve always said that the women in my photographs are triumphant and strong. And if there’s a man, than he is not very strong, he is more of an accessory, and would possibly be stepped on by the woman. However, the woman is the important and the victorious person. In this case, I believe, I’m a feminist.”

Helmut Newton


An exhibition of about seventy of Helmut Newton’s photographs from the series Big Nudes, Domestic Nudes, Cyberwoman and also early polaroids will take place from 23. June till 11th August in Ludwigmuseum in Koblenz, Germany under the title “Helmut Newton – Some like it nude”. Helmut Newton is one of the most influential fashion photographers of the 20th Century breaking boundaries, provoking, disturbing, imagining. He has a fantastic eye for female beauty. And power.

You can see a short video about the exhibition (in German) with parts of Newton’s interviews here: Fotoarbeiten von Helmut  Newton im Ludwigmuseum Koblenz. and read more about it here (English or German): Helmut Newton – Some like it nude. More about Helmut Newton here: About Helmut Newton at Voguepedia.


Nudes by Sophie Pavot

Nude. Drawing. Sophie Pavot

I’ve just discovered some drawings / paintings by Sophie Pavot on galerievitrinart.wordpress.com. I like very much her feeling for light and shadow, it looks natural but still artistic. The strength of her lines Continue reading “Nudes by Sophie Pavot”