The very last painting of Francis Bacon

bacon last painting
Francis Bacon, Study of a Bull, 1991

Shintaro Ohata Online: If

“What I depict is ordinary scenes in everyday life.However,for the character painted in my work,that scenery is very special.”

Sintaro Ohata Online Exhibition

The Gallery Yukari Art shows online three new work by Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata. As always, I am fascinated by the way how he combines paintings and sculpture and his sense of lighting. His works feel very fragile and personal. More on

Historically “ugly”

I just found a very funny blog about renaissance paintings: Ugly Renaissance Babies. It definitely shows a different perspective on renaissance art. It’s not only interesting for art historians but it’s also real fun for people who are not interested in art at all:) Enjoy!

P.S.: and the comments are really cool ;)


It would be nice to be in Tokyo right now. The Yukari Art Gallery exhibits works of Shintaro Ohata – a contemporary painter and sculptor with a great sence for light. Ohata wanted to give his paintings more dynamics and decided to put sculptures in front of them. The effect is a manga-like realism in front of your eyes.



Found thank’s to clmt. See also Colossal.

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