Plastic Bodies by Sheila Pree Bright

Sheila Pree Bright. Plastic Bodies















Despite Barbie’s persistent presence in American culture, the shapely doll isn’t exactly known for her realistic representation of a woman’s body. Atlanta-based photographer Sheila Pree Bright used the classic toy to emphasize the disconnect between commercialized beauty ideals and real women for her series, “Plastic Bodies.”

Laura Vitto, Mashable


Inez van Lamsweerde at Gagosian till August

Inez van Lamsweerde—The Gentlewoman, 2010

“Partners in life and work for twenty-five years, Inez & Vinoodh were among the first photographers to harness the full potential of digital manipulation in portraying the human condition. Combining the beautiful with the bizarre, the elegant with the extreme, the classical with camp, they depict human identity as exquisite corpse, the spirit of transformation that has fueled the march of art history and which has become, more than ever, a sustaining aesthetic principle of our own time.”

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Photography online

I just found something fantastic for people interested in photography. While browsing about Joseph Heinrich Darchinger I happened upon an online magazine for contemporary photography – Le Journal de la Photographie (don’t worry, you can also read it in English). The site posts photo-news every day and claims to “cover all the current events in the world of photography”. You can see the works of many young photographers, introduced with a short story about how the work was born.

Some photos:

Natalie Krick – Natural Deceptions. The photographer pictures her mother in different outfits in non-traditional ways. Very strong and sexy photographs.

Marion Dubier-Clark – This Way We Live. Series of photos that show the alternative way of life a a punk family (not like the punks we are used to see) – liberal, environmentally friendly, non-violent, self-sufficient.

Joseph (Jupp) Heinrich Darchinger: The photographer who documented West-Gemany after WWII. His work includes 1,6 Million negatives, 60.000 positives und 30.000 dias.