just found: #cecilia sánchez

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Cecilia Sánchez. Society6

Pisces by Jenny Liz Rome

Pisces by Jenny Liz Rome
Pisces by Jenny Liz Rome. Found on Society 6

I am so happy, that I finally have time to.. just surf the net for things like Society 6 again! I’m free to have free time! Sometimes. Having time can be very inspiring.

I was looking for a cool artistic tote bag and popped into these “Pisces” by canadian illustrator Jenny Liz Rome on Society 6, they’re pretty stylish. Sadly, you can’t buy them as a what I’m looking for. Is it against the copy rights to print them on a tote bag?

Being tall

iPhone Case. Giraffe by Nicole Cioffe. Society6

here we come :D

Onward! by Jay Fleck. Society6

Lord Vader

Tote bag by Terry Fan made from 100% post-industrial recycled cotton. 13″ x 15″ with 5″. $22.00. Found on Society6.